Nancy Runyon studied Architecture and Graphic Arts in college and has been producing floor plans for realtors, contractors and home renovators since 2011.  Although she is a trained pencil draftsman and has created full working drawings for construction, the simple “magazine style” computer generated floor plans are a better communication tool for today’s real estate marketing.  

While Nancy resides in Monterey, she has grandchildren to visit in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.  She has also measured and drawn homes and commercial buildings in Santa Cruz County (which is on the way to visit grandchildren). Her clients have ranged from Hillsborough to Carmel Valley and beyond.

Nancy has been painting watercolors her whole life and will happily accept commissions to paint a portrait of your home, favorite building, landscape or boat! (She can even paint it from a photograph that you send her!)  Many of the paintings shown on this website were commissioned.