Fast Floor Plans by Nancy Runyon
for Real Estate Flyers, Brochures, Presentations and Remodeling

Fast Floor Plans

For Professional Real Estate flyers, brochures and presentations:

  • A great tool for selling homes is having a memorable floor plan on the back of your flyer.
  • Floor plans save time by quickly answering questions for you and your prospective buyers on each property.

For Home or building owners: 

  • Having a floor plan helps you visualize renovations and additions. 
  • An existing floor plan allows architects, contractors and building suppliers to easily offer renovation ideas.

For Appraisers, Contractors or Design Professionals:

  • An inexpensive communication and planning tool to get you started quickly.

Fast Floor Plan Service Includes: 

  • Basic Floor Plan created for Real Estate Flyers include measuring appointment and electronic drawing (emailed pdf) with room titles and interior dimensions.
  • Nancy will quickly measure and draw a property floor plan, providing you with an electronic PDF to insert in emails or marketing materials.
  • Fast floor plans are computer documents rounded to the nearest inch for each measurement.

Additional services, lists and specifications available:

Full Architectural drawings

   Complete construction drawings with precise interior and exterior measurements.

Watercolor paintings of homes or buildings

   A wonderful “Thank you” gift for a client.


To purchase fast floor plans, full architectural drawings
or watercolor paintings, contact Nancy:

Nancy Runyon

Tel: (831) 915-4546

Monterey Peninsula to the San Francisco Peninsula--- and other areas with travel expenses.

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